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Geography Department

Subject Outline / Aim

As Barack says, Geography isn't about memorising places on a map, it is about looking at the world from a physical and human perspective and being able to explain it.  At a time where the world is ever changing, it is about teaching students the art of analysis and interpretation, not to mention coming up with the solutions to change the world!

In geography we look at how where you live, could determine how long you live, how many GCSE's you will receive or even how many children you might have.  We learn to question the statistics and most importantly understand how we can change social mobility.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not all people, migration, and demographics.  We also need to understand how rivers change along its course, how will the UK manage its ever-increasing energy consumption and what we can do to minimise the global environmental impact.

 So, if you choose to learn how things work, questions the status quo and be able to see how everything in the world is linked...Geography is the subject for you.

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