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Well Being in Mind



Our vision: To have the wellbeing of everyone on site at the centre of what we do

How we will start to do this…


  • Ensure that consultation is up and running within the school to ensure student and staff needs are identified and addressed
  • Development of theme weeks related to wellbeing that can be shared with the school
  • Wellbeing in Mind Team to attend Senior Leadership Team meetings to help provide input and review strategy
  • Have a central branding for all the school’s wellbeing support services
  • Create a consistent message for all students and staff members
  • Develop the website – one central point for information, accessible by all. Consider having a tile on website.
  • Review and develop resources on school VLE or similar
  • Develop posters and other means of communicating the wellbeing message involving students in the development
  • Weekly messages on social media promoting wellbeing and how to access support
  • Local press release

School Policy:

  • Create and develop a wellbeing policy to communicate that wellbeing is everyone’s business
  • Review how we support students who miss lessons due to wellbeing needs


  • Training to members of staff around Whole School Approach/Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and what this is. Consider elements of both that could be utilised and embedded in the classroom and used by teachers
  • Wellbeing in Mind Team to develop understanding about other services and contacts that are provided within the locality for all.
  • Review and refresh PHSCE curriculum to ensure it incorporates wellbeing and mental health, provide young people with better knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Ensure PHSE content is adapted to meet specific year group needs
  • Include wellbeing and wellbeing support in inductions for new academic year
  • Hold workshop training events for staff members. Initially do one about staff wellbeing/transition and the importance of it. Stress vulnerability would also be a useful workshop to deliver. Teenage brain/anxiety
  • Ensure we are communicating what we are doing to everyone in the school
  • Deliver assemblies to all students about who the team is, how we will work with the school, deliver wellbeing message as everyone’s business and clarification of what people can expect


  • Wellbeing in Mind Team to continue getting to know students and staff
  • Develop whole school approach alongside the Senior Leadership Team
  • Ensure we are regularly seeking feedback from students and staff members
  • Develop the wellbeing lead role within our staff team
  • Support students to become wellbeing champions for their year group
  • Wellbeing champions to become actively involved in the implementation and review of our wellbeing action plan and WIMT to help develop their knowledge


NHS Transition Letter