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Promoting French at Home!!

1. Take your child to a museum

France has produced some of the most talented artists, such as Monet and Renoir. Check your local museum’s schedule to see when it is featuring a French-inspired exhibition and bring your child along. The admission for children is typically free.

2. Celebrate French holidays

Celebrating important French holidays, such as Bastille Day, will teach your child about French history. Celebrate by making some fun crafts or taking part in holiday traditions. Similar to the Fourth of July, the French display fireworks.  

3. Cook a French meal

Familiarize your child with French cuisine by having him or her help you whip up a traditional French meal. Your child can channel their inner Julia Child with traditional French dishes, such as quiche and crème brûlée.

4. Watch a French movie

Fire up Netflix and host a French movie night with your family. Here are some kid-friendly French movies you and your child can enjoy: “A Monster in Paris,” “The Red Ballon,” and “Tintin and the Lake of Sharks.”

5. Listen to French music

Do you have a Pandora or Spotify account? Download some French tunes to listen to while at home or on the road. Listening to French music will help familiarize your child with French accents and pronunciations.

French Grammar Activities

6. Play Simon Says

Put a French spin on the game Simon Says. Take on the role of Simon and issue commands. For example, “Simon says…le pied!” or “Simon says…le nez.” This French activity does a great job teaching kids the different body parts in French.

7. Twenty Questions

Give this guessing game a French twist. First, think of a place or person and keep it to yourself. Your child will ask you 20 yes or no questions in French to determine what place or person you’re thinking of.

8. Put on a scavenger hunt

Set up a fun scavenger hunt around the yard or house. At each destination, your child will have to read a clue (in French) to move onto the next destination. At the end, reward your child with a fun toy or treat.

9. Act it out together

Gather the family and play a game of charades. First, divide everyone into two teams. Then, write out a selection of French verbs, nouns, or phrases to act out. The first team will act out a verb, noun, and phrase, while the other team guesses.

10. French nursery rhymes

A great way to learn French is through song. “Alouette” and “Frere Jacques” are two of the most popular French nursery songs that kids learn. Print out the song and sing along with your child.

French Vocabulary Activities

11. Puzzles

You can download and print dozens of free French crosswords and word searches for your child. He or she will have fun playing, while simultaneously learning French vocabulary and simple sentences. Keep a stack in the car for long road trips.

12. Memory game

Create some French flashcards and place them face down on a table. Your child will flip over two cards. If the pictures match, your child will flip over two more cards. The point of the game is to match all of the cards from memory.

13. Coloring books

Purchase a French coloring book for as little as $5 on Amazon. These coloring books will spark your child’s creativity, while helping him or her learn various vocabulary words and themes.

14. Read French books

There are a ton of beginner French books. Le Petit Prince is one of the most well-known French children’s books. You can find the book in almost any brick and mortar or online book store.

15. Hangman

This French activity is played exactly like the original Hangman version, except you are using French vocabulary words and phrases instead of English.