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Quotes from the June 2017 Ofsted report- The Catholic ethos is central to school life || As a result, the work to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is good || Pupils are well cared for || They know how to stay safe both inside and outside school || Behaviour both in lessons and about the school is good || Pupils treat each other and adults with respect,- Ofsted June 2017



  Closed         Open
Autumn   Tuesday 5th September
Half term Friday 20th October Monday 31st October
Christmas Friday 22nd December Tuesday 9th January
Half term Friday 9th February Monday 19th February
Easter Thursday 29th March Tuesday 7th April
May Day Friday 4th May Tuesday 8th May
Half term Friday 25th May Monday 4th June
Summer Friday 20th July  
Training Days    
  Monday 4th September Monday 8th January
  Monday 6th April Monday 23rd July
  Tuesday 24th July