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'We have had a great start! Many thanks to parents and carers for their support in ensuring our students are in the correct uniform and are following our high expectations. We look forward to working together 'united as a holy family'.'


Time Our Student Day
08:50 Student Bell
08:55 Assembly Bell & Registration
09:10 Start of Period 1
10:10 Start of Period 2
11:10 Start of Break
11:25 Start of Period 3
12:25 Start of Lunch
13:15 Start of Period 4 & Registration
14:20 Start of Period 5
15:20 End of the Day

      All Lessons are for one hour.


Assembly Days Year Group
Monday Year 7 and Upper School
Tuesday Year 8
Wednesday Year 9
Thuresday Year 10
Friday Year 11 and Lower School

Whole school assemblies will be held at  keypoints during the school term.