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Wednesday, 20th December Christmas Dinner. The Menu is as follows: Turkey & Stuffing, chipolata sausage,carrots,green veg with roast potatoes, or vegetarian option,followed by christmas pudding or a chocolate-ice christmas tree. A drink is included in the price of £2.30.

Time Our Student Day
08:50 Student Bell
08:55 Assembly Bell & Registration
09:10 Start of Period 1
10:10 Start of Period 2
11:10 Start of Break
11:25 Start of Period 3
12:25 Start of Lunch
13:15 Start of Period 4 & Registration
14:20 Start of Period 5
15:20 End of the Day

      All Lessons are for one hour.


Assembly Days Year Group
Monday Year 7 and Upper School
Tuesday Year 8
Wednesday Year 9
Thuresday Year 10
Friday Year 11 and Lower School

Whole school assemblies will be held at  keypoints during the school term.