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Rewards & Sanctions Policy Update 21/09/2017

We would like to outline the positive changes that have taken place at Holy Family Carlton with regard to our rewards and sanctions policy.

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HPV Vaccine Information September 2017

Beating cervical cancer

The HPV vaccine is being offered to all 12 and 13-year-old girls in school Year 8, starting in September 2017.

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Booster jabs for Y10 and Y11 pupils

Important information for parents and students to read regarding catch up booster jabs for Y10 and Y11 pupils.

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Current Year 11 revision sessions

'Current Year 11 revision sessions during lunch time and after school'

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Engineering Extravaganza Event 7th Nov 2016

On Monday 7th November, 13 other year 8 girls and I went to York University, STEM Centre for the Engineering Extravaganza event. We took part in four different interactive activities: building our own vacuum train, tower building, materials in action and constructing a Bloodhound car. They were really fun and engaging and we all really enjoyed it. During materials in action, we were told about how to become an engineer and the different materials they could work with. It was very inspiring and I am now considering a career in engineering.

The highlight of my day was when Lucy, Amy, Natalia, Nikolina and I won the tower building activity! We built a Lego tower 107 floors high and made £9735 profit. We also each won a little engineering pom-pom.

Lucy and I were chosen as the Holy Family representatives to fill in a questionnaire about the day. I loved the experience and I would definitely want to go again.

Kaitlin Mills, 8A.

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Red the musical up-date Nov 2016

Over the summer, Holy Family produced a musical called ‘RED’ which was an exciting twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The plot, script and music were put together by current Year 11 students; Beth Walker (script), Aoife Mcguire France, Alex Smith, Emily Morbey, Chloe Johnson, Charlotte Rowland and Meg Watson, with assistance and supervision from the Expressive Arts heads of department; Mr Pearson, Mrs Record and Mr Coombs.

Students from all year groups from 7 to 11 sang, danced and acted in the production after auditions were held earlier in the year, and a small team of students lead by Mr Wilson provided lighting, sound & backstage support.

Rehearsals took place weekly, where the cast and backstage crew prepared for the multiple performances with great devotion and professionalism.

The project was a success, with highly impressed audiences and the multiple performances running smoothly.

The school are going to record the soundtrack in cooperation with Selby College using their state of the art recording facilities, and we hope to have all recording completed in time for Christmas.

Article by Katy Hinken – 10 Howard

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Prom 2016

Our Year 11 leavers’ prom took place on Thursday evening at Carlton Towers providing students with an opportunity to celebrate their time at Holy Family High School with their peers and teachers. The event was deemed very successful and enjoyed by all who attended.

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