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School Uniform

If pupils arrive at school in the incorrect uniform, parents will be contacted and expected to bring in the correct uniform or pupils will be required to change into school provided uniform. Plain, navy blue blazer with the Holy Family School badge: This is compulsory but may be removed in lessons at the discretion of the teacher. Year 11 only will be permitted to wear a black V‐neck school jumper.

Plain, white shirt: worn tucked in at all times and should not be too tight. Holy Family tie: Done up to the collar, worn to a sensible length and shirt top button must also be fastened.

Plain, grey V‐neck sweater (optional).

Plain, black trousers: Fashion trousers, jeans or trousers that are tight around the legs are not permitted. Leggings style trousers or trousers with external zips are not to be worn.

Plain black knee length skirt: Tube style skirts, skirts with slits or which are too short or too tight are not permitted.

Plain black tights or knee length socks: These must have no patterns.

Plain, black belt: With a small, plain buckle. Large or fashion belts are not permitted.

Plain black school shoes: Formal style with black sole and without logos or markings. Boots, trainer style shoes,pumps and backless or slip‐on shoes are not permitted. (Should a student have a medical note from a doctor re; footwear, please contact the relevant Year Leader who will arrange a meeting).

School coats: Not in place of school blazers and not to be worn inside the school building. Denim jackets, tracksuit tops, hoodies, sweatshirts and other non‐uniform items should not be worn.

School bag: To carry all books and equipment as well as their planner every day.

Light make up: Is permitted in Years 9, 10 and 11. Lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, fake tan are not allowed, however the discreet use of light foundation and mascara are acceptable. Coloured or long nails are not permitted.

Jewellery: One pair of small round gold or silver studs in ear lobes only. Body piercing and jewellery such as rings,
wrist bands, bangles, bracelets are not permitted and will be confiscated until the last week of that particular half term. This includes wearing jewellery coming into or leaving school.

Moderate hairstyles: Contrast colouring or dyed hair not considered to be natural are not permitted. Shorter than grade 2 or large variations between length, lines or patterns are not acceptable.

Mobile phones and electronic equipment are not permitted, if a device is seen or heard it will be confiscated and, in
the first instance, be returned at the end of the school day, with a lunchtime detention. On the second instance, it will be returned at the end of the school week or when a parent/carer collects it. Following this it will only be returned once parents/carers have made an appointment to meet the Head of Year. Students are discouraged from
bringing costly items to the school as we cannot accept any responsibility if items go missing.

Uniform Policy