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Remote Learning

The Holy Family Catholic High School Remote Learning

Having learned a great deal about online learning and the benefits of this, we continue with this approach during any period of self-isolation, for individual students, groups and as an integral part of our normal classroom teaching.

Therefore, homework will be set for all students using the online platforms we have set up and, predominantly, Microsoft Teams and Classcharts, with the expectation that work will be completed and submitted online.

We recognise that this may be difficult for some families and we will endeavour to continue to provide support or alternatives where we can, including the provision of suitable devices to overcome technical issues, and paper packs to those families who are unable to access the school’s online remote learning offer. As per our Blended Learning Policy, we will always make reasonable adjustments for student with Special Educational Needs as well as ensuring all students with an EHCP or identified additional needs have appropriate provision for remote learning.

As some students may be required to self-isolate for short periods over the coming weeks and months, we will continue with the majority of their learning online. This will apply to students who are asked to isolate following a confirmed case within their household, or to students who have been contacted by track & trace, including via school. Self-isolating students will access live and/or pre-recorded lessons and support materials provided by their teachers during the time they are absent.

Students who are at home for one or two days awaiting the results of a test and are able to work, will be directed to lessons from the government’s online school, Oak Academy from the offset until bespoke work is provided for them by their own class teacher. This provides a series of lessons across most subjects and topics, including resources, quiz style tests and video lessons from qualified teachers. Whilst these are not bespoke, they are ideal for overcoming short-term interruptions to school.

Parents and students will recognise many of the apps and resources we use from the period when school was closed to most students in the summer term of 2020, and from before this when they were used primarily to supplement homework. These include GSCEPod, Seneca, Office 365, White Rose Maths and Corbett Maths amongst others. Microsoft Teams, will provide a more collaborative space for students to work together and share ideas.

These learning tools are now available to all students and parents and signposted where necessary via our ClassCharts App. Classcharts will remain a key platform for our online classroom. Login details for online classroom resources purchased by the school, some being general teaching and learning tools and others for specific subjects are contained within the Remote Learning Platforms information.

In the event of a bubble closure, we will switch learning for this group to our online platforms and specifically Microsoft Teams and Classcharts, including, subject to capacity, live teaching, or a pre-recorded teacher input or high-quality video resources. This will ensure that students receive the same work as they would have, or that their peers are receiving in school.

Students should expect a similar amount of teaching to that which they would receive in school and for lessons to follow their usual timetable. All our platforms have the functionality to provide feedback to all students in a timely manner to support progress. There will of course be an opportunity for collective worship.

When a teacher has to self-isolate but the bubble in school is open, the teacher will teach from home. Students will be supported in the classroom by a member of school staff.

We are liaising with all parents to ensure that students are supported in remote learning and that we provide appropriate Pastoral Support. This includes highlighting lessons that students have not attended, or where we have any doubt about this. 

If you have any queries with regard to our Remote Learning programme, please contact school by telephone or by email via;

Remote Learning Platforms

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