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Welcome to the Special Education Needs & Disabilities department.

Aims and objectives

  • To develop a partnership between parents, pupils and the Inclusion Manager and to have an active role in the education of our SEND pupils.
  • To liaise with outside agencies for identifying and assessing pupils with SEND
  • To match the level of support to the individual needs of our SEND pupil with the funding available.
  • To maintain and review the statements of SEND in accordance with the code of practise.
  • To enable our SEND pupils to be fully integrated and follow the same timetable as their peers.
  • To ensure that subject teachers are aware and informed of the individual learning difficulties of the SEND pupils they teach and adapt the work accordingly.
  • To help all of our SEND pupils develop a healthy self image and a feeling of success by setting achievable targets and ensuring that work is set at an appropriate level.

Teaching assistants work within the school assisting pupils with statements, supporting non-statemented pupils with behaviour/learning, supporting pupils with EAL or assisting in the development of literacy or numeracy skills. They also play an important role in the development of self confidence and other skills by running numerous clubs and activities.

The teaching assistants role is;

  • To help our pupils to access a broader, balanced and relevant curriculum.
  • To foster the participation of our pupils in the social and academic processes of the school.
  • To seek to enable our pupils to become independent learners.
  • To help to raise the standard of achievement for all of our pupils.
  • To work with individuals or groups under the direction of the class teacher.
  • To work as a team with the class teacher and be involved in the lesson planning process and evaluation.
  • To assist with the provision of differentiated materials/resources.

Should you require further information please contact Mrs A Walker, head of SEND, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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