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Quotes from the June 2017 Ofsted report- The Catholic ethos is central to school life || As a result, the work to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is good || Pupils are well cared for || They know how to stay safe both inside and outside school || Behaviour both in lessons and about the school is good || Pupils treat each other and adults with respect,- Ofsted June 2017

All student receive a one hour lesson per week of PSHCE on a Tuesday morning. This programme is carried out by the form tutor which covers a range of topics during the year.


   Autumn  Spring  Summer
 Year 7  pdfY7 Autumn
 pdfY7 Spring
 pdfY7 Summer
 Year 8 pdfY8 Autumn  pdfY8 Spring pdfY8 Summer
 Year 9 pdfY9 Autumn  pdfY9 Spring  pdfY9 Summer
Year 10 pdfY10 Autumn pdfY10 Spring pdfY10 Summer
Year 11 pdfY11 Autumn