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History plays a very important role in the Holy Family Catholic School with a dedicated 3 hours over the 2 week timetable allocated to it's delivery. Mrs Ashworth, the head of Department and the rest of her team are passionate about the delivery of the subject and extending pupils knowledge and understanding of our history. In year 7 Pupils cover a variety of topics and practice a variety of skills including; Chronology, Source Analysis, Source Evaluation, Essay Writing, and other skills which include Research & Presentational Skills and thinking skills. All of the skills and concepts are contextaulised and supported by trips to further their understanding. Trips that the History department offer to the pupils are over the 3 year are Year 7 Gg & History York Trip, Year 8 Ripon Crime and Punishment Museum, Court and Workhouse Visit Year 9 Beth Shalom.

Year 7 

What is History? Historical skills

Who came? Theme Movement and Settlement - York - The Roman Empire

Who rules the place? Theme Power - The Battle of Hastings - William taking control

What effected everyday lives? - The Church / The Crusades -The Black Death - The Peasants Revolt


Year 8

Slavery - What was it like to be a slave? Why was and should slavery be abolished?

The Tudors - Why did Henry break with Rome? How did Elizabeth tackle the problems in her reign?

The Industrial Age - Why was there an Industrial Revolution? How did it effect everyday lives?


Year 9

The Twentieth Century - An Age of?

20th Century Protest - How did women gain the vote? how far has equality been achieved for Black Americans?

20th Century Conflict - Why did the First World War break out? How did the Second World War effect the people at home?

A Modern Day Conflict - Compare and Contrast.

20th Century Intolerance - The Holocaust Modern Day Genocide



We follow AQA GCSE Spec History B. The History GCSE is a modular course.

Paper 1 is sat in the June of Year 10 and Paper 2 in the June of Year 11. Controlled assessment comprises 25% of the final grade. Paper 1- International Relations • The Treaty of Versailles and The League of Nations • The Cold War

Paper 2 - Depth Sudies • USA in the 1920's BOOM • USA in the 1930's BUST • Vietnam

Controlled Assessment • Britain in the First World and Second World War. • As it is a new syllabus trips are not yet running,  the time period is 5 hours over a 2 week period.

Should you require further information please contact Mrs S Ashworth, head of history, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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