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Geography stimulates an interest in and a sense of wonder about places. In Geography we cover a huge variety of places and study a range of different subjects throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. In Year 7 students develop their map skills by participating in activities such as mapping their own theme park and choosing suitable sites for a new settlement. Year 7 students also investigate the impact of floods by completing infiltration experiments and researching flood events in the UK and Bangladesh. At the end of Year 7 students visit York in order to complete field work on tourist attractions in the city. The work that students produce is then judged across the whole year group and prizes awarded accordingly.
In Year 8 students cover a range of human and physical geography topics. Students study a variety of different ecosystems around the world and visit the Holderness Coast to study the approaches to coastal management strategies along one Europe’s most quickly eroding coastlines. Students also look at changes to the world’s population and problems this might pose. Year 8 students also study West Africa in detail building upon their knowledge of rainforest ecosystems to help decide how this LEDC should develop in the future.
Year 9 students investigate geography at a global scale studying issues such as globalisation and climate change. They complete a variety of different research topics based upon food miles and strategies for offsetting carbon emissions. Students also look at natural hazards including the tsunami that devastated the South East Asian coastline and recent earthquakes in New Zealand.  In Year 9 students have many opportunities to sample what Geography at GCSE level is like. This includes visiting Leeds waterfront in order to investigate the sustainability of the regeneration in the area. 
Throughout Key Stage 3 students will get a chance to develop their map skills, collaborative group work (role plays, presentations, speed questioning), independent work (researching the 2012 Olympic games, weather hazards, tectonic hazards) ICT (Fairview England research project, Public Information System for The Deep, news broadcasts on Natural Hazards) fieldwork investigations, and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (the trading game, mystery tasks)

Should you require further information please contact Miss C Hall, head of geography,at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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