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😄 Holy Family Catholic High School warmly welcomes primary aged pupils and families for our annual Open Evening  Wednesday 27th September 2017 6:00pm-8:00pm. Come and experience the joy, awe and wonder of our distinctive Catholic ethos.😄

By engaging pupils in making and responding to music, the school offers opportunities for them to:-

Develop their understanding and appreciation of a wide variety of music, extend their own interests and increase their ability to make judgements about music. Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make music. Develop skills and attributes that can support learning in other subject areas e.g. listening skills, concentration, creativity, perseverance and self-confidence.

During lessons pupils learn through various topics to listen, evaluate, perform and compose music including classical and popular music and music from around the world. The school has a range of peripatetic teachers who offer guitar, woodwind, brass, drums and singing lessons. There is a 'Glee' singing group and many opportunities for students to get together and perform music in groups.

At KS4 the school offers GCSE Music and Btec Music Technology.