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Art and Design at KS4 In KS4, pupils study the WJEC/Eduqas GCSE in Art and Design.  This is a broad course, which focuses on breadth of techniques and processes, rather than a narrow specialism. Pupils can expect to experience observational drawing, lino printing, monoprinting, painting, clay work and plaster casting/carving.  The first term is largely given over to developing techniques and skills on a given theme, and the next three terms for developing the portfolio, following a chosen theme.  The portfolio is worth 60% of the marks. From January of Yr11, pupils are given an exam paper with a selection of starting points.  They must choose one and develop art work towards a final outcome.  The final outcome is produced during ten hours working under exam conditions. For further details, see http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/art-and-design/gcse/


Year  7

Study around the formal elements; line; tone; texture; colour; shape, form.  Processes include drawing with a range of media, clay modelling, collage, painting, designing.

Investigating tones and using them to represent 3D forms.

Clay modelling.

Investigating and applying textures

Composition skills

Painting skills

In Year8 and 9, the curriculum is more theme-based, whilst continuing to look at materials and techniques.  Pupils have some freedom to select materials appropriate to their idea.

Year 8 includes work around the following:


Composition e.g. ‘Autumn’

Observational and imaginative recording

Natural Forms

Year 9 themes include:

Winged Creatures

Composition and painting, e.g. ‘Dream’, ‘Viewpoints’.

Drawing from observation, using primary and secondary sources.

Surrealism, Picasso and Cubism, Banksy and stencils.

Throughout the key stage, there is also the study of artists and art styles appropriate to the particular topics.


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