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Computing is a fundamental part of the school curriculum. It is the belief of the computing staff that we must strive to innovate teaching and learning and deliver a curriculm capable of providing students the opportunity to keep up with the changes needs of modern life. Computing is forever moving forward; and the teaching of computing must also move forward if students are going to be e-confident learners. Students need to be taught the skills and the capability to use computing as a tool for learning, as well as how to adapt quickly and safely to new ways of learning as they emerge.

In key stage 3 students learn computing specific software as well as developing their Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and problem solving capabilities.

Software that is taught includes;

  • Adobe Creative suite 5
  • Scratch
  • Pivot
  • Game Maker


Excel Starters


As well as software students also take part in other projects such as;

  • Animation
  • Digital Photography
  • Video editing

In Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to specialise in different areas of ICT. We offer the option of looking into Multimedia, Graphics, Game making as well as Enterprise in ICT. All students follow a GCSE called CiDA from Edexcel, making sure they leave school with a recognised ICT qualification.

The aim of the department is to immerse the students in the exciting world of ICT as well preparing them for a future in a technology orientated world.