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GCSE Business Studies provides an interesting insight into the role of businesses within society.  This new specification focuses on investigating the role of small business and how to develop business ideas. The relationship between business enterprise and other factors such as finance, marketing and human resources are investigated. As the course evolves you will become increasingly aware how relevant the theory is to real life activity.


All of us are affected by the activities of business organisations and this course provides an opportunity to prepare for the wider world beyond school.  It will encourage you to consider how to succeed in a competitive world and how to look after your interests as customers, employees and citizens affected by business activities.  Through greater understanding of the way our economy operates and how businesses behave within this economy, you will be better informed and more able to manage your private and business activities in a successful way.

There are three methods of assessment for GCSE Business Studies:

Exam Title

GCSE Weighting

Unit 1 - Introduction to Small Business 


Unit 2 - Investigating Small Business 
Controlled Assessment


Unit 3 - Building a Business


The course will also provide an opportunity to consider what makes businesses successful.  In particular, we will look at how to spot a business opportunity, how to put a business idea into practice and how economic conditions impact on small businesses.

Areas of study include:

    • How changing interest rates affect small firms 
    • Understanding exchange rates
    • How to collect research data
    • The disadvantages of poor customer service
    • How to improve profit figures
    • How businesses affect the environment
    • The importance of motivation in the workplace
    • How to finance a business
    • Strengths and weaknesses of competitors
    • Qualities of entrepreneurs
    • Meeting customer needs

Should you require further information please contact Mr S Neesam, head of bussines studies, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.