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“School will close early at 1pm on the last day of term, Friday 20 July 2018. Bus and taxi transport is arranged.”


We, the Governors and Staff at the Holy Family Catholic High School offer in the spirit of partnership,

• an education based upon the Catholic ethos, developing positive moral principles in line with the School’s Mission Statement.
• a safe, caring, well-ordered environment, based upon mutual respect for all who make up the school community.
• the promotion of high standards of behaviour and the opportunity to take on responsibilities.
• a system of rewards and, where necessary, sanctions that are designed to be firm, fair and just.
• a well managed, “uniformed” school in which each child is treated as an individual whose intellectual, social and spiritual needs we strive to meet.
• a quality of education from well qualified staff in both the academic and pastoral fields, so that high standards are achieved.
• appropriate access to a broad and balanced curriculum, using a variety of teaching and learning styles designed to motivate and sustain interest.
• systems that monitor and assess progress and achievement, set targets and communicate outcomes by means of regular written reports and at Parents’ Meetings.
• clearly defined channels of communication for parents and students.
• a range of extra-curricular activities designed to enrich the educational experience.

We, the school, will expect that parents/carers and students will:-

• support the spiritual life of the school.
• take a pride in the school reinforcing our high reputation and affirming our Christian ethos.
• accept school standards and codes of behaviour and expectations for the benefit of all.
• accept the legitimacy of the school’s system of sanctions.
• notify us of any adjustments we need to help you support your child

We will expect that as a student of this school you will:-

• give of your best at all times:
• undertake all work set, be it class work, coursework or homework and take responsibility for it.
• attend school regularly and punctually, with all appointments, holidays, etc arranged outside school hours whenever possible.
• attend in school uniform.
• come properly equipped to cope with all the requirements of the school day.
• show concern and respect for all those you come into contact with, within the school community.
• respect the fabric and physical environment of the school.
• behave on your journeys to and from school in a manner that reflects credit upon you and the school.

We expect that as a parent/carer you will:-

• support your child’s learning.
• attend the scheduled evenings or any specially arranged appointments concerning the progress of your child.
• keep the school fully informed, as early as possible, of all matters likely to affect your child.
• sign the school homework planner weekly.
• notify the school office on the first day of your child’s absence, and supply a note to the Form Tutor after all absences.
• ensure your child complies with the school’s dress code